"Three M" Communication Department Scholarship

The “Three M” Scholarship is established by Communication Department alumni, Michael Gerrish, Matthew Sager and Martina Jackson Green to give Western Illinois University Communication Department Students scholarship to help support their success while in college. Michael, Matthew and Martina attended Western Illinois University together as undergraduates and then as graduate students. All three graduated in 1999 with a Master of Arts in Public Communication and Broadcasting. All three remain friends today. This scholarship is created to support students who may not otherwise qualify for outstanding academic success scholarships. The creators of this scholarship would like a different student to receive the scholarship each year and for the recipient to show ambition and potential, without necessarily having a high GPA.


  • Enrolled as a Communication Major
  • Demonstrate a potential for growth within a communication field and demonstrate ambition through a written essay due with the application
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities through department, university or community involvement
  • Preference for a student who does not necessarily have a high GPA, but can demonstrate potential for growth and ambition through the written essay
  • Preference for a student in financial need

Questions regarding eligibility? Contact:
Department of Communication
Supplemental Questions
  1. Leadership
    • Does your General Application include all information regarding your leadership experience?
    • If no, please provide any additional information regarding your leadership experience as demonstrated through department, university, or community involvement.
  2. Describe your goals and ambitions within the field of communication.