Bettye Thompson Scholarship in Gerontology

HISTORY: Dr. Bettye D. Thompson served as a faculty member from 1978 through 1995 and was originally hired as a faculty member in Home Economics now the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. In 1985 she was named first director of Western Illinois University’s interdisciplinary Master of Arts gerontology program until her retirement in 1995.

This Scholarship was created to recognize her strong work ethic, commitment, and perseverance in the field of Gerontology and to the students who share these qualities; individuals who see the importance of working hard and then putting those skills and knowledge to the good of mankind.

The criteria was revised in September 2015 to reflect an increase in the award amount from $250 to $500.

CRITERIA: Class level: Student must a be at least a Sophomore and have completed at least 9 semester hours of the following: Gerontology 200 Introduction to Gerontology, Psychology 423G Psychology of Adulthood and Aging; and Sociology 405 Sociology of Aging in Rural and Urban America or three semester hours from the approved list of electives.

GPA: Student must have at least a cumulative total GPA of 3.0 and GPA of at 3.0 in the Gerontology minor.

Major/Minor: student must be a declared minor in Gerontology.

Student must be a United States Citizen.