Dr. Russell R. Dohner Scholarship

Dr. Dohner graduated from Vermont High School in 1943. His father had hoped he would take up farming, but Russell knew since he was a young boy, inspired by the town doctor who’d treated him as a child, that he wanted to be doctor. In 1946, Dr. Dohner became one of the first four pre-med students at then-Western Illinois Teacher’s College, now Western Illinois University and was the first doctor produced by WIU.


  • Incoming freshman
  • Minimum 20 ACT
  • Enrolled full-time
  • U.S. citizen
  • Plan to major in pre-med or other medical field
  • First preference to a student from Rushville, IL, then to a student from Schuyler County, IL, then to student sfrom counties surrounding Schuyler County, then to Illinois residents
  • Financial need using the FAFSA may be considered
This is a four-year progressive scholarship with a total scholarship value of $7,000:

Year 1 = $1,000/year
Year 2 = $1,000/year
Year 3 = $2,000/year
Year 4 = $3,000/year

This scholarship is renewable up to three years if the student maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA and continues in a medical-related major.

Questions regarding eligibility? Contact:
WIU Scholarship Office (New Freshman)